Student Reviews

A review of Wonder by Louis Year 6, Great Dunham

I really enjoyed Wonder because I loved how the book put the story in different people’s point of view. I felt sorry for August because Jack was mean to him, but he only did it to impress Julian (Julian is mean). I would give Wonder 10 out of ten. It was sad, it was funny, it was amazing, it was a wonder. I would recommend Wonder to years 5 to 7. It is the best book I have ever read

A review of Wolf Wilder by Jessica Year 7

I really enjoyed this story because it has many twists and made me want to read on. Throughout the book I cried as I imagined what it would feel like if I was Feodora. The best bit for me was when all the kids of the village came and helped Feodora and the boy, and with this, all the adults came to help as well. I enjoyed the part when general Rakgoff got his comeuppance too. I love the fact that although it was creative and imaginative it also had parts which were historically correct. I could not put the book down.