The Flame Dragon by J R Castle: Recommended by Theo 7B

I highly recommend this book to people who usually struggle to find a book they want to read but enjoy fantasy stories. It took me a long time to find a book I wanted to read, and I really enjoyed this one. So, props to J R Castle! It is about a boy named Quinn who receives a letter to become a black knight. You might think ok that’s great…. but only if it was as simple as that! I hope you enjoy this dragon filled adventure.




Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick: Recommended by Jasmine 7S

A year six class goes on a school trip to Crater Lake. What could possibly go wrong? Well for Lance and his friends this trip turns into a nightmare when he finds his classmates and teachers have all turned into bug-eyed monsters. On top of that, if they ever fall asleep, they will become one of them! Will their tiredness overcome them?

I really recommend this book to people who enjoy science fiction, adventure, and horror books.



Eagle Warrior by Gill Lewis: Recommended by Poppy 8S

Bobbie is really excited when she spots her first rare Golden Eagle flying near her family farm. She spends her free time walking the hills looking out for the bird, watching it fly and catching its prey. But the bird is in danger of being shot by the local grouse farmer and she is determined to keep it protected. Not only must she fight the local residents but also her family’s wish to send her to boarding school.

I really recommend this book to students in Years 7 & 8 who love animals and prefer shorter books.  It’s an interesting story with lots of emotion and easy to read.


SLICK by M M Vaughan: Recommended by Poppy 7B

SLICK is a story about two boys, Danny and Eric, who form an unlikely friendship. Unknown to either of them is that one of them is an android, the first child robot to be trialled in society. But not everything adds up. It becomes more and more difficult to ignore Eric’s sudden disappearances and some of the strange things that happen.

I really enjoyed reading SLICK as it was an emotional book that really hooks you in. I would particularly recommend it to boys who are interested in things like skateboarding, gaming and coding.




Ooctober, October by Katya Balen: Recommended by Lily K 7B

October is a girl who lives in the woods with her Dad. They are wild. That’s the way they like it.

But when October turns eleven everything changes, when the ‘woman who is her mother’ returns to visit. October runs away causing her father to become seriously injured in an accident.

With her dad in hospital and her wild home far way, October must face living in the ‘horrible place’ (known as the city) with her estranged mother and only a recused baby owl for company. Her life is turned upside down.

I really enjoyed this book. It was amazing to read about how they lived in the woods at one with nature and then to see how living in the city felt from October’s perspective.  I would highly recommend it.



When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle: Recommended by Lyra 7S

When the Sky Falls is a great book based on a true story and is shortlisted for this year’s Carnegie Book Award. Set in World War two, it is about a boy called Joseph who is sent from the countryside to the bombings in the city. He stays with a woman who dislikes children and owns a rundown zoo. He must adjust to his new life and learn to let people help him. In doing so, he becomes attached to a dangerous silverback gorilla who he must protect when the bombs start falling.

I thought this was a really interesting book and would definitely recommend to others.


The Life of Riley – Beginner’s Luck by Simon James Green: Reviewed by Jasper 8S

I really liked The Life of Riley because it really expresses the power of friendships and how easily they can come and go.  The book is about a young boy called Riley who is cursed and has a run of back luck, leading to lots of disaster. Riley hopes that things will improve when a new boy joins his school, who seems to be lucky. This book was really amusing.  The characters were likeable and fun and there are some great illustrations. I feel that anyone can pick this book up, but would especially recommend it to those that enjoy funny books like Tom Gates.


Lord Loss by Darren Shan: Recommended by Evelyn 8W

Suitable for older students, Lord Loss is the first book in the Demonata series. I liked this story because I really enjoy horror fiction. It is about a boy called Grubbs Grady who comes home to find that his sister and parents have been killed by demons. He goes to live with his uncle Dervish where a boy called Bill-E starts to turn into a werewolf. Grubbs begins to learn that his family has a curse, and he has to face the demon master Lord Loss, who killed his family. If you like a scary read, then this is the book for you!



Rotary Young Writer Competition – Florence (Skylarks) and Evie (8S) win local heat


Congratulations to Florence (Skylarks) and Evie 8S, who have won the junior and intermediate sections of the local heat of the Rotary Young Writers Competition. Their entries (shown below) will now go on to the district round of the competition.  Well done to you both and good luck for the next stage.



Environment by Florence (Skylarks) 

How is the environment?

The environment is fine but not as good as it could be so we could help it by planting trees, food and flowers. We can also recycle better and not produce too much waste. The environment is good because it protects us and helps us to survive. It keeps us safe and if you want to, you can help to protect the Environment.

Ideas for helping…

If you want to help the environment you can plant trees, put bird food out and water your plants at least once a day. You can also help by recycling and reducing rubbish. The environment is the most important thing in the world.

I have made up a story on how to help.

The Mouse that helped save the Environment.

Once upon a time there was an old, bad, lazy and very naughty man. He was always throwing litter around. He would throw bin bags full of rubbish into the sea and he would waste food and never ever clean his teeth, they were so disgusting!

There was a little mouse and she was kind, helpful and she did not throw rubbish into the sea. Instead she would use a litter picker to pick up rubbish and the mouse was a little cheeky! She would sneak cheese in her mouth when she thought nobody was looking! But she would always put the cheese wrapper in the bin!

The naughty, stinky, bad, lazy old man made so much rubbish that soon everyone could see a lot of rubbish in the sea. Then the mouse said to herself, “I have magic powers so I could stop all of this!” But then she remembered she did not know the spell to do it so she rode on her bike to the kingdom of spells. Sadly she saw the old, naughty and stinky man in a stinky old car. So she went faster and faster on her bike until she got there.

When she opened the door no one was there except creepy bugs, but they were her friends and she was worried something bad could happen. She said she was correct but then she changed her mind. She walked into the middle of the room and then she said “hello” quietly and she saw the book of spells but then she stopped. She suddenly realized that she didn’t need spells, she needed lots of people to help her save the Environment.

She went back on her bike and told everyone to buy a litter picker and so they all did and they picked up all the rubbish and everyone could see the sea and they were helping the environment too!


I hope you now know how important the environment is!


Environment by Evie (8S)

‘Hey, human please give me back my ice’ begged the last polar bear on earth. Global temperatures rising, ice caps melting, polar bears waving their last goodbye. Why did we not listen? Could we have prevented climate change sooner? Maybe we would not have to say goodbye?

‘Where will we live now?’ cried the koalas sadly, as they fled to safety from the only home they have ever known, now set ablaze. Yet another consequence of global warning brought on by mankind’s selfish hands.

‘Hey, human please don’t destroy our home!’ screamed the terrified orangutans. As the tree they once called their home fell to the floor, along with all their memories and every thing they had ever known.

‘Hey, human please let me breathe’ begged the dying turtle, as every minute the plastic around its neck got tighter. With no one there to help as it lay stranded, gasping stifled breaths on the lonely sand.

‘Please humans, don’t hurt my baby’ cried the distraught orangutan, as the panic-stricken mother was pulled away from her trembling baby. All for the palm oil that the humans are said to need so desperately. Are our needs so great that we are prepared to destroy complete habitats and all the precious animals that call these places home?

‘Why my tusks?’, ‘Why my horn?’ questioned the rhino and elephant painfully, as they were needlessly slaughtered for the purpose of jewellery, ornaments and unnecessary medicine. Desperately wondering why this has happened to them. Do we not deserve to live our lives without fear of being persecuted in the name of human vanity?

‘But I need my skin’ pleaded the cold defenceless mountain lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs as they were needlessly hunted for clothes, accessories and blankets, left fearing for their lives, always running scared. The only reason being their sheer magnificence and beauty which humans want to replicate in their own wardrobe.

“Why” cried the fish and underwater wildlife around the coral reefs. Rising sea levels, along with rising water temperatures are not only killing off our homes they are slowly killing us too. Is this the consequence you are willing to accept in the name of human gluttony?

But now I ask what hope is there for our wildlife and planet when we hold human life with so little regard? We destroy our homes, towns, cities and countries in the name of WHAT? Can you please tell me for I have not the answer? What hope is there for anything?