Celebrating World Book Day With Helen Moss

Author Visit – Helen Moss

On Tuesday 5th March our ‘Author in Residence’ Helen Moss visited the Secondary phase to help celebrate World Book Day and promote a love of reading. In the morning she spoke to the whole of Year 7 in the hall about children’s books, past and present, and about our favourite book characters and stories.  She then carried out a creative poetry-writing workshop on the theme of ‘place’, with selected pupils from years 7 and a travel writing workshop with students in Year 8.

“I enjoyed the workshop because Helen was able to explain what we had to do well. I liked it when she read a part of her book to us as it gave us an example of what we were meant to aim for. She showed us different ways of doing travel writing and the sorts of crazy things people do when writing a travel book.”  Sarah Fife 8B

“I really enjoyed the travel writing workshop. We had to create a chase scene, whilst describing the surroundings – this was my favourite part. Helen read us a short section of one of her books and also told us about her childhood in Saudi Arabia. I really enjoyed meeting her and found her very encouraging.” Zena Yaxley 8B

“ I enjoyed the poetry workshop with Helen Moss because it gave me the chance to what I like doing, with a friendly atmosphere. Everyone was sharing ideas and it was good to hear all of the poems, even the sad ones! Personally I felt like I could have done it all day and would do it again in a minute, but all good things must come to an end!” Max Bradbury 7K

“ The workshop was based on poetry but we also looked at song lyrics as inspiration which was fun. We wrote our own poems about home or a place we liked to be. I got lots of inspirational tips and hints for writing empathy poems and overall it was a fantastic workshop.”  Skye Frier-West 7K







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