Workshop with Helen Moss on The Theme of “Place.”

On Wednesday 9th May our ‘Author in Residence’ Helen Moss visited the Secondary phase to help support the work we have been doing, promoting empathy skills through reading and writing. In the morning she spoke to the whole of year 7 in the hall about empathetic stories and book characters. She then carried out a creative poetry-writing workshop on the theme of ‘Place’, with selected pupils from years 7 & 8.

“I really enjoyed the Helen Moss workshop. My favourite part was making up our own poets name and writing our creative poem”. Millie  7B

“Helen Moss really thought about how to make the workshop interesting and fun for us. She was very encouraging and inspiring and was always happy to support us with our poems”. Natalia 7C

“The Helen Moss poetry workshop was great fun. First of we played a game where we removed the vowels from our names and added either ubbly or oodle to the consonents. If your name was Bob it would be like ‘bubly bubly’ or ‘boodle boodle’! Then she taught about about poetry and we wrote a poem about place. Some people wrote about happy places others sad, but it was really fun and everyone enjoyed it”. Jake  7B

“We had fun, as well as delving into the meaning of what a poem is and exploring ways to express feelings through words. It was interesting listening to different types of poems and then coming up with ideas for our own, based on the theme of where we felt at home. I had a great time and would definitely like to do more poetry”. Imi  8S

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